BAGPIPER     Brian Quirk
Boston, MA

(978) 853-8216

64 Pleasant Street
Lawrence, MA 01841

- Weddings, funerals, parties, events
- Scottish, Irish, Canadian, and American tunes
- Marches, strathspeys, reels, hornpipes, jigs, airs, hymns, piobaireachd.

Rates (from 12 Days of Christmas):

$250 for funerals, $295 for weddings and other events: for the first 90 minutes; negotiable if longer, or if more than 30 miles from Lawrence, MA.
I may be able to find a bagpiper near you.

At a funeral, I can provide "Taps" on a bugle at no extra fee.

< photo by Jody Wexelbaum
< rollover photo by Russ Campbell

I can also teach bagpipe lessons.

photo by Hawley Schneider 2013

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                     Kilt tartans:

Left: Sutherland Band: blue, green, red
Bottom left: Ancient MacAuley: orange, green, white
               Right: Taylor: green, purple, orange.

updated January 15, 2024

Taylor tartan, usually worn by piper, Brian Quirk, Lawrence, MA