Pipers near you

(Why pay mileage if my friend is around the corner?)

Albany, NY: Joe Leathem (also Uilleann Pipes) JFLeathem@aol.com
                    Donald Lindsay 518-658-3879

Cape Cod, MA: Paul Stevens 508-888-6903
                          Glen Gillen 774-766-1012 cell
                          Peter Welch 508-428-3426

South of Boston: Fred Fletcher 781-963-3137

Boston Area: The Sutherland Pipe Band

Lawrence, MA: Brian Quirk 978-685-1389 brian@quirk.ws

Leominster, MA: Stuart Paul 978-537-7044

Athol, MA, Jim LeBlanc: 978-249-6535

Shelburne Falls, MA, Eric Goodchild 413-625-8203 goodchil@rcn.com

Gloucester, MA: Richard Chane (supplies too) 978-281-1191

New Hampshire: New Hampshire School of Scottish Arts, Manchester  
          Scots Charitable Society

Southern Maine: Dunlap Highland Band http://www.dunlaphighlandband.com/

Portland ME, Doug Campbell: http://www.bagpiper.com/webpage/n-6470/c-23/Douglas-Campbell-Maine-Bagpiper.html

Rhode Island,  Joe Bossom 

See my Links page for regional and national pipers' organizations.

I can find others too.


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